Yvet – A Dutch Intern living in Shanghai

Shanghai Living

Tell us a little about yourself: 

Hi my name is Yvet, Im Dutch, 23 years I am in Shanghai for one month now and I love it here! I am here for my study doing 5 months internship in a baby and children boutique where I am responsible for the marketing of the company.

When did you move to Shanghai and what brought you here?
I arrived here 21 of September 2012 and I am here for an internship. In the netherlands I study international business and management. My internship is at Lollipop, which is a high end baby and children boutique.

How was the relocation and first few weeks of Living in Shanghai ?
I am here with the help of an agency, they helped me with my internship and arranged everything for me here in Shanghai, they picked me from the airport, brought me to my apartment, of course I (oke my mom) needed to pay for it but i did not have any problem with arranging everything.

The best advice you were given to prepare you for life in Shanghai?
I did not have any advice but just enjoy and be open because the culture is so different than mine. but the people are so friendly and warm just like home.
What surprised you most about Shanghai?
It surprised me that they are still not really used to foreign people, I had ones that a man on a scooter was driving slow to look at me up and down for like 15 seconds and he even stops so when i passed him he could look at me again for another 15 seconds.

I live near Hongqiao street, do not really know the area but it is because it is close to my work which is at the Hongmei lu.

Your favourite Chinese word or phrase you have learned so far?
Ni hao ma
Wo shi helan ren

What is your favourite restaurant in Shanghai?
The Grape!

What do you miss most from your home country?
I miss my family and my boyfriend, I do not have products or something like that what I miss from the Netherlands.

What advice would you give to newly arrived expats in Shanghai?
Be open to everything and enjoy!

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