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Find the best China health insurance that matches your budget & lifestyle.

Compare plans from trusted insurers that provide coverage in China with extensive healthcare provider networks that include leading international hospitals.

When living in Shanghai things can go wrong, which is why its important that yourself and your loved ones are insured and covered for healthcare costs if the worst should happen.

You will find world class western managed and staffed medical centres in Shanghai, however they do charge a premium, by having out a health insurance plan, you cover yourself for these costs and will be able to receive some of the best medical care in the world.

Complete the quotes form and we will work with our health insurance partners to provide you with a selection of quotations and cover packages to choose from.

Our partners are China health insurance specialists, providing quality and comprehensive major medical plans for individuals, families, the self-employed and small groups at very affordable rates. 15 years of serving thousands of expats in China. Always putting clients’ needs first, providing the finest medical plans on the market.

Receive care at leading hospitals that have direct billing arrangements with insurers.

Choose a insurance plan that has cashless direct billing benefits for peace of mind that your medical bills will be settled and you wont be left out of pocket.

To make your claims process more convenient, major hospitals and medical centres in Shanghai have established direct billing with numerous international insurance companies.

For patients insured by these companies, the hospitals and medical centres will bill the insurance company directly for your visit; patients only need to pay the charges not covered by their insurance policy.

As an American family used to costly insurance premiums in the US, We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable a high level of coverage was in China.

Howard L

American family in Shanghai

Our daughter had a bad accident at school and our insurer settled the bill directly with Parkway Hospital making an unpleasant situation a-lot less stressful.

Roxanne P

Architect & mother

We were very shocked to learn that we could get insurance to cover our maternity and delivery costs at a expensive international hospital.

Harry M

Canadian & Chinese pregnant couple

Quality healthcare in China is in high demand and comes at a very high price, our insurance gives us peace of mind that we can access healthcare and afford it should we ever need it.

Sandra T

Corporate training coach