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Over the past few decades, Shanghai has emerged as a major global city, known for its skyscrapers, historic landmarks, and bustling markets. But amidst this urban sprawl lies a green haven for golf enthusiasts. The city has embraced the sport with open arms, with golf courses that rival the best in the world in terms of design, facilities, and overall experience.

Whether you’re a resident looking to improve your swing or a tourist wanting to combine sightseeing with some golfing action, Shanghai has something for everyone. With its combination of traditional and modern designs, the golf courses here offer a diverse range of experiences, from the serene landscapes of Sun Island Golf Club to the challenging terrains of Sheshan International.

The History of Golf in Shanghai

The story of golf in Shanghai began in the early 20th century when Western expatriates introduced the sport to the city. The Shanghai Golf Club, established in 1916, was one of the first golf clubs in China. Located in the heart of the city, it became a popular recreation spot for foreign businessmen and diplomats.

As Shanghai grew into a global trading hub, the demand for golf courses increased. The 1930s saw the establishment of several golf courses, many of which were designed by renowned architects from Europe and America. These courses became symbols of luxury and exclusivity, attracting the city’s elite.

However, the spread of golf was halted during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. Golf courses were viewed as symbols of bourgeois decadence and many were repurposed or shut down. But with China’s economic reforms in the 1980s, golf made a triumphant return.

The 1990s and 2000s witnessed a golf boom in Shanghai. The city government, recognizing the potential of golf tourism, invested heavily in developing world-class golf facilities. International golfing events, such as the HSBC Champions tournament, further elevated Shanghai’s status as a premier golfing destination.

Today, with over 20 golf courses and more in development, Shanghai stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of the sport in China.

Sheshan International Golf Club: Shanghai’s Crown Jewel

Sheshan International Golf Club Lane 288, Linyin New Road, Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

The Sheshan International Golf Club. Tucked away in the western part of the city, this golf club represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence in Shanghai. Established in 2004, Sheshan International stands out not just for its impeccable design and facilities, but also for its unique setting against the backdrop of the historic Sheshan Mountain.

The 18-hole championship course, masterfully designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Nelson & Haworth, is a harmonious blend of nature and modern golfing design. As golfers navigate through the meticulously manicured fairways and greens, they are treated to stunning views of the city’s skyline on one side and the serene Sheshan Mountain on the other. But the beauty of Sheshan International is not just skin deep. Every hole is thoughtfully designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels, ensuring an engaging and rewarding golfing experience.

Sheshan International Golf Club’s reputation extends far beyond Shanghai’s borders. Over the years, the club has hosted numerous international golfing events, most notably the WGC-HSBC Champions tournament. This prestigious event, often dubbed as ‘Asia’s Major,’ has seen participation from some of the biggest names in golf, from Phil Mickelson to Rory McIlroy. The fact that such a high-profile event has repeatedly chosen Sheshan International as its venue speaks volumes about the club’s stature in the global golfing community.

But what truly sets Sheshan International apart is its commitment to offering a holistic golfing experience. Beyond the course, the club boasts state-of-the-art training and practice facilities, ensuring that golfers have all the resources they need to hone their skills. The luxury clubhouse, a perfect blend of traditional Chinese architecture and modern amenities, offers everything from gourmet dining options to spa facilities. For those looking to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the region, the century-old Sheshan Basilica, located nearby, offers a glimpse into Shanghai’s rich heritage.

One of the standout features of Sheshan International is the iconic par-3 17th hole. This hole, with its green set amidst a serene lake and framed by the Sheshan Mountain, is not just a test of skill but also a visual treat. Many golfers, both amateur and professional, have cited this hole as one of the most memorable parts of their Sheshan International experience.

The club’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation is also noteworthy. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to reduce water usage, promote biodiversity, and minimize the environmental footprint. These initiatives, coupled with the club’s community outreach programs, reflect a broader vision of golfing that goes beyond just the sport.

In terms of membership and accessibility, Sheshan International strikes a fine balance between exclusivity and inclusivity. While it is a private club with a selective membership process, it also offers limited access to non-members, ensuring that more golf enthusiasts can experience its offerings.

Lake Malaren Golf Club: The European Tour Destination

Lake Malaren Golf Club No. 6655, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China

Situated in Shanghai’s Baoshan District, the Lake Malaren Golf Club stands as a testament to golf’s ability to blend seamlessly with nature. Established in 2004, this club has quickly risen in prominence, establishing itself as one of the premier golfing destinations not only in Shanghai but in all of Asia. The club’s name, “Malaren,” is derived from Sweden’s third-largest lake, a nod to the pristine water features that characterize the course.

Lake Malaren Golf Club boasts two magnificent 18-hole courses, each offering a distinct golfing experience. Designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, these courses exude a blend of Western golfing design principles with the unique characteristics of Shanghai’s landscape.

The Masters Course is often the first to capture visitors’ attention. This course, with its immaculate fairways and intricate water hazards, has earned its reputation as one of the most challenging yet rewarding courses in the region. It’s no wonder that this course has been chosen as the venue for the European Tour’s BMW Masters, a testament to its caliber and prestige.

The signature 17th hole of the Masters Course deserves special mention. This par-3 island green is not just an architectural marvel but also a strategic puzzle for golfers. The surrounding water hazard demands precision and focus, making it one of the most talked-about holes among golf enthusiasts.

Complementing the Masters Course is the Forest Course. True to its name, the Forest Course offers golfers an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. Set amidst dense woodland, this course is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a unique golfing challenge. The trees, apart from adding aesthetic value, play a strategic role, influencing shot selections and course navigation.

The undulating fairways, combined with strategically placed bunkers, ensure that the Forest Course offers a diverse challenge, catering to both novice golfers and seasoned professionals. The chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves add to the sensory experience, making a round of golf here a truly therapeutic endeavor.

Lake Malaren Golf Club’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its courses. The club is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, allowing golfers to hone their skills. From driving ranges to putting greens, every aspect of the game is catered to. Additionally, for those seeking guidance, the club has a team of professional trainers offering personalized coaching sessions.

The club’s amenities are not just limited to golf. The luxurious clubhouse is a hub of activity, offering gourmet dining options, relaxation areas, and even spa facilities. The fusion of traditional Chinese architectural elements with modern design gives the clubhouse a unique ambiance, making it a favorite hangout spot for members and guests.

An often-overlooked aspect of Lake Malaren Golf Club is its dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation. The club’s management has implemented several eco-friendly measures, from water conservation initiatives to habitat preservation efforts. These measures ensure that the club not only offers a top-tier golfing experience but also contributes positively to the environment.

Sun Island Golf Club: Nature Meets Sport

Sun Island Golf Club 2588 Shentai Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

Situated on the outskirts of Shanghai, amidst the calm waters of the Huangpu River, the Sun Island Golf Club is more than just a golfing destination; it’s a sanctuary where nature and sport converge in harmonious splendor. The vast expanse of the club, spread over 400 hectares, offers a comprehensive recreational experience that extends beyond the greens and fairways. Established in the mid-1990s, Sun Island has grown to be a preferred destination for both golf enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle.

The Sun Island Golf Club boasts two distinct 18-hole courses, each offering a unique golfing experience, yet both unified by their commitment to integrating the sport with the natural surroundings.

The West Course: Often referred to as the “Mountain Course,” the West Course takes golfers on a journey through varying terrains. As players navigate the course, they encounter elevation changes, strategic water hazards, and dense foliage. The course’s design, inspired by the rolling landscapes of Scotland, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. The undulating greens demand precision, while the strategically placed bunkers test a golfer’s strategy and skill. But beyond the challenge, the course offers panoramic views, with the Shanghai skyline in the distance juxtaposed against the serene backdrop of the Sun Island’s natural beauty.

The East Course: In contrast to its counterpart, the East Course, often termed the “Lake Course,” offers a flatter terrain. However, what it lacks in elevation, it compensates with its intricate water hazards. Almost every hole on this course brings water into play, either as a serene backdrop or a strategic challenge. The course, with its wide fairways and expansive greens, offers golfers a chance to play aggressive shots. However, the ever-present water hazards ensure that recklessness is kept in check.

What truly sets Sun Island Golf Club apart from other golfing destinations in Shanghai is its unwavering commitment to preserving and showcasing its natural surroundings. The club’s management has made concerted efforts to ensure that the courses are not just set in nature but are a part of it. This ethos is evident in the preservation of the island’s native flora and fauna. As golfers traverse the courses, it’s not uncommon to spot a diverse range of bird species or be captivated by the sight of blooming flowers.

Sun Island Golf Club’s offerings extend beyond its courses. The club is part of the larger Sun Island Resort, which offers a range of recreational activities. From spa treatments to horseback riding, guests have a plethora of options to unwind and rejuvenate. For those keen on exploring the island’s natural beauty, there are dedicated walking and cycling trails.

The resort also boasts luxurious accommodations, ranging from boutique villas to upscale suites. These accommodations, combined with gourmet dining options, make Sun Island not just a day-trip destination but a perfect weekend getaway.

Tomson Shanghai Pudong Golf Club: Tradition and Elegance

Tomson Shanghai Pudong Golf Club No. 1 Longdong Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Nestled in the heart of Pudong, Shanghai’s financial and business district, Tomson Shanghai Pudong Golf Club stands as an emblem of luxury, tradition, and golfing excellence. Established in 1997, the club has, over the years, garnered a reputation for its impeccable course, unmatched amenities, and its adherence to the traditional ethos of the sport. As skyscrapers tower in the distance, Tomson offers a serene and verdant escape, making it one of the city’s most sought-after golfing destinations.

The golf course at Tomson Pudong is an 18-hole marvel, a creation of the renowned Japanese golf course designer, Shunsuke Kato. Every hole has been crafted with precision, reflecting Kato’s philosophy of harmonizing golf with nature.

Strategic Challenges: Tomson’s course is known for its strategic design. Fairways are lined with mature trees, water hazards come into play in critical areas, and bunkers are strategically placed to challenge golfers’ decision-making skills. The 7th hole, in particular, stands out for its island green, demanding both accuracy and nerve.

Varied Terrain: The course offers a diverse terrain, from elevated tees to rolling fairways and undulating greens. This variety not only adds to the visual appeal but also ensures that golfers face a diverse set of challenges as they navigate the course.

Overlooking the sprawling course, the clubhouse at Tomson Pudong is a testament to architectural finesse. Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture, the clubhouse exudes elegance and charm. However, inside, it offers all the trappings of modern luxury.

Gourmet Dining: The clubhouse boasts multiple dining venues, each offering a curated culinary experience. From traditional Chinese delicacies to international cuisines, the dining options cater to diverse palates.

Luxury Amenities: Members and guests can indulge in a range of amenities, from a state-of-the-art spa, an indoor swimming pool, to tennis courts. Every facility reflects the club’s commitment to offering an unmatched luxury experience.

Tomson Pudong Golf Club has been the venue of choice for several prestigious golfing events. Notably, it has hosted the BMW Asian Open, a European Tour event, multiple times. The participation of global golfing legends in these tournaments has further cemented Tomson’s reputation on the international golfing map.

In recent years, Tomson Pudong Golf Club has taken significant strides towards sustainability. Recognizing the environmental implications of golf course management, the club has implemented several green initiatives.

Water Management: Advanced irrigation systems ensure that water usage is optimized. The club also employs techniques like rainwater harvesting to reduce its dependence on external water sources.

Natural Habitat Preservation: The club has dedicated zones that are free from human intervention, allowing the native flora and fauna to thrive. These zones not only enhance the course’s beauty but also play a vital role in local biodiversity conservation.

Shanghai Silport Golf Club: The Golfer’s Paradise

Shanghai Silport Golf Club No. 3888, Chenhua Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Dianshan Lake, Shanghai Silport Golf Club is an oasis of tranquility and golfing excellence. Established in 1995, this club has rapidly gained recognition as one of the premier golfing destinations in Shanghai. With its pristine landscapes, impeccable course, and world-class facilities, Silport is a haven for golfing aficionados and those seeking a peaceful retreat from urban life.

The golf course at Shanghai Silport is a masterpiece that harmoniously combines nature’s beauty with the intricacies of the sport. Sprawling over 7,000 yards, this 18-hole course is a testament to design genius and strategic gameplay.

Water as a Central Element: Given its proximity to Dianshan Lake, water plays a pivotal role in the course’s design. Majestic lakes and tranquil streams weave through the course, creating strategic water hazards that challenge and captivate golfers. The presence of water not only adds to the course’s visual appeal but also elevates its strategic depth.

Flora and Greens: The course is adorned with a rich variety of trees and plants, adding layers of color and texture to the landscape. Mature trees line the fairways, providing natural obstacles and influencing shot decisions. The meticulously maintained greens, with their subtle undulations, test a golfer’s putting skills and finesse.

Shanghai Silport Golf Club has been a chosen venue for numerous prestigious golf tournaments. Among its most notable events is the Volvo China Open, a European Tour event that has seen participation from some of the world’s best golfers. Hosting such elite tournaments has positioned Silport on the global golfing map, attracting international attention and admiration.

Overlooking the magnificent course, the clubhouse at Shanghai Silport is a blend of architectural grace and modern luxury. It stands as a hub of activity and relaxation, offering members and guests a plethora of amenities.

Dining Excellence: The clubhouse boasts several dining venues, each curated to offer a unique culinary experience. From traditional Chinese cuisine to global delicacies, the dining options cater to a diverse palette, ensuring a memorable gastronomic journey.

Recreational Facilities: Beyond golf, the clubhouse offers a range of recreational facilities. A state-of-the-art spa, a modern gym, and indoor games ensure that members and guests have a holistic recreational experience.

In line with global trends, Shanghai Silport Golf Club has taken significant steps towards sustainability and conservation. Recognizing its responsibility towards the environment, the club has implemented eco-friendly practices across its operations.

Eco-sensitive Design: The course design emphasizes harmony with nature. Natural habitats have been preserved, and the course landscaping prioritizes indigenous plant species. This approach ensures that the local ecosystem thrives and remains balanced.

Water Management: The club employs advanced irrigation techniques, ensuring optimal water usage. The proximity to Dianshan Lake has also led to initiatives to prevent water pollution and maintain the lake’s ecological balance.

Shanghai Binhai Golf Club: The Coastal Gem

Shanghai Binhai Golf Club 5333 Dongda Highway, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

Situated along the picturesque coastline of Shanghai, Shanghai Binhai Golf Club is a unique blend of coastal beauty and golfing challenge. Established in the late 1990s, Binhai quickly distinguished itself by offering golfing enthusiasts a distinct experience where the roaring ocean waves provide a mesmerizing backdrop to the lush green fairways.

Designed by the acclaimed golf course architect, Jack Nicklaus, Shanghai Binhai Golf Club offers two 18-hole courses – the West Course and the East Course. Both courses are a testament to Nicklaus’s genius in harmonizing the challenges of golf with the natural beauty of the coastal environment.

The Ocean’s Influence: With its proximity to the coast, many of the holes offer stunning views of the ocean. But the ocean does more than just provide a visual treat; it also adds to the course’s challenge. The ever-present sea breeze can play tricks with the ball, requiring golfers to adjust their shots and strategies.

Varied Terrain: The terrain at Binhai is diverse, with sand dunes, water bodies, and elevated tees and greens. The sand traps, reminiscent of traditional Scottish links courses, are particularly challenging, demanding precision and skill from golfers.

The clubhouse at Shanghai Binhai Golf Club is an architectural marvel that combines modern design with traditional elements. Its most striking feature is its large windows that offer panoramic views of the ocean and the golf course.

Gourmet Experiences: The dining venues in the clubhouse provide culinary delights that match the beauty of the surroundings. From fresh seafood delicacies to international dishes, the dining experience is designed to satiate the most discerning of palates.

Rejuvenation and Relaxation: The clubhouse also offers spa and wellness facilities, allowing members and guests to relax and rejuvenate after a challenging day on the greens. Traditional Chinese therapies combined with modern wellness practices ensure a holistic relaxation experience.

Shanghai Binhai Golf Club has been the chosen venue for several national and international golfing events. The challenging course combined with the stunning coastal backdrop makes it a favorite for both players and spectators. The club’s commitment to maintaining the course in top condition ensures that it remains a preferred venue for prestigious tournaments.

Being located on the coast, Shanghai Binhai Golf Club recognizes its responsibility towards the environment, especially the marine ecosystem.

Coastal Conservation: The club has taken measures to ensure that the coastline remains undisturbed. Dunes are preserved in their natural state, and native vegetation is promoted. These efforts not only maintain the course’s natural beauty but also help in conserving the coastal ecosystem.

Water Management: Efficient water management practices are employed to ensure that freshwater usage is minimized. The club also takes measures to ensure that no pollutants or chemicals reach the ocean, protecting marine life.

Prominent Golf Academies in Shanghai

While there are numerous academies in the city, a few have distinguished themselves due to their comprehensive training programs and excellent coaching staff.

The PGA Learning and Performance Center: Affiliated with the Professional Golfers’ Association, this academy is one of the most prestigious in Shanghai. Offering a range of programs for all age groups and skill levels, the academy emphasizes a balance between technical proficiency and strategic gameplay.

Sheshan International Golf Academy: Located within the famed Sheshan International Golf Club, this academy boasts state-of-the-art training facilities and a team of internationally certified instructors. Given its location, students also get the opportunity to practice on one of Shanghai’s best golf courses.

The integration of technology into golf training has been a game-changer. Modern tools allow for real-time feedback, enabling golfers to make instant corrections.

Golfing Etiquette and Culture in Shanghai

At its core, golf is more than just a sport—it’s an embodiment of honor, respect, and tradition. The game has always been associated with certain etiquettes and cultural norms that players are expected to adhere to. In Shanghai, a city that seamlessly blends the old with the new, golfing etiquette and culture have taken a unique form, combining international norms with local traditions.

Golf etiquette, in essence, refers to the set of unwritten rules and behaviors that players follow on the golf course. These etiquettes ensure that the game is played in a spirit of fairness and respect.

Respect for Fellow Players: One of the fundamental aspects of golf etiquette is showing respect for fellow players. This includes not distracting players when they’re about to take a shot, maintaining silence during swings, and not stepping on another player’s line of play on the green.

Taking Care of the Course: Golfers are also expected to take care of the course. This means repairing divot marks, smoothing out bunkers after playing a shot from them, and not causing unnecessary damage to the greens or fairways.

Playing at a Good Pace: Slow play can be frustrating for others on the course. Golfers are encouraged to maintain a steady pace, be ready for their turn, and if necessary, allow faster groups to play through.

The Cultural Nuances of Golfing in Shanghai

While the basic tenets of golf etiquette remain consistent worldwide, Shanghai, with its rich cultural tapestry, adds its own nuances to the game.

Building Guanxi: In Chinese culture, relationships or “guanxi” play a pivotal role in business and personal interactions. The golf course in Shanghai often serves as a place where business and leisure intersect, where deals are discussed, and partnerships are forged. The emphasis is not just on the game, but on building and nurturing relationships.

Dress Code: Golf courses in Shanghai often have a strict dress code, reflecting the city’s blend of tradition and modernity. While international golf attire is widely accepted, there’s an unwritten emphasis on elegance and sophistication.

Gift-Giving: It’s not uncommon for golfers in Shanghai to exchange small gifts, especially when playing with new acquaintances or business associates. This gesture, rooted in Chinese culture, is a sign of respect and goodwill.

Golf Tournaments: A Reflection of Etiquette and Culture

Shanghai’s golf tournaments, especially the ones with international participation, are a grand showcase of the city’s golfing etiquette and culture. The meticulous organization, the respect shown to players and officials, and the warmth of the spectators are all reflective of Shanghai’s cultural values.

Hospitality: International players often remark about the unmatched hospitality they receive during tournaments in Shanghai. From the welcome ceremonies to the post-tournament banquets, every detail is taken care of with precision and warmth.

Audience Etiquette: The spectators at Shanghai’s golf tournaments are known for their discipline and respect. They understand the game’s norms, applauding good shots, maintaining silence during play, and always showing appreciation for the players’ efforts.

The Best Seasons to Golf in Shanghai

Shanghai, with its distinct seasonal variations, offers a year-round canvas of vibrant colors and changing landscapes. From the blossom-laden springs to the chilly embrace of winter, each season brings its own unique charm and challenges to the golf courses of this metropolis. For golf enthusiasts, understanding the nuances of each season can greatly enhance the golfing experience in Shanghai.

The Spring Promise

When Nature Awakens: Spring in Shanghai is a time of renewal. As the frosty grip of winter loosens, the city transforms into a panorama of blossoming flowers and verdant greens. This is arguably one of the best times to tee off in Shanghai.

Optimal Weather: With temperatures ranging between 10°C to 22°C, spring provides a comfortable golfing environment. The gentle breeze and moderate humidity levels ensure that golfers can play for extended periods without feeling too fatigued.

Course Conditions: Post-winter, golf courses in Shanghai undergo maintenance to repair any damages caused by the cold. By spring, these courses are in pristine condition, with well-manicured greens and fairways that offer optimal ball roll.

The Summer Challenge

Warmth and Rain: Summer in Shanghai can be a mixed bag. While the warmth can be inviting, this season also sees the highest rainfall, especially during June and July.

Stay Hydrated: With temperatures often soaring above 30°C, it’s essential for golfers to stay hydrated. Many golf clubs in Shanghai provide refreshment carts during summer, ensuring that players have access to cool beverages throughout their game.

Early Morning or Late Afternoon Tee Times: To avoid the midday heat, many seasoned golfers prefer early morning or late afternoon tee times. Not only is the temperature more bearable, but the golden hues of the sunrise or sunset can make the golfing experience even more enchanting.

Autumn: A Golfer’s Paradise

Nature’s Grandeur: If there’s one season that’s tailor-made for golf in Shanghai, it’s autumn. The city, draped in a tapestry of gold, red, and brown, presents a breathtaking backdrop for golf.

Pleasant Climate: With temperatures ranging between 15°C to 25°C and lower humidity levels, autumn offers the most comfortable golfing conditions. The clear skies and gentle winds add to the season’s allure.

Golf Tournaments: Many of Shanghai’s premier golf tournaments, including some with international participation, are scheduled during the autumn months, making it a bustling season for golf enthusiasts.

Winter: The Quiet Retreat

The Cold Embrace: Winter in Shanghai can be cold, with temperatures often dropping below 0°C. While this might deter some, for others, it offers a serene golfing experience.

Winter Golfing Gear: It’s essential to be adequately dressed for winter golf. Layered clothing, thermal gloves, and beanies are standard attire for golfers braving the Shanghai winter.

Off-Season Benefits: Winter is considered the off-season for golf in Shanghai. This means fewer crowds, allowing for more relaxed play. Additionally, many golf clubs offer discounted rates during this period.

Golfing Events and Tournaments in Shanghai

The WGC-HSBC Champions: One of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, the WGC-HSBC Champions, often referred to as “Asia’s Major,” is hosted annually in Shanghai. Attracting the top golfers from around the globe, this event is part of the World Golf Championships series. Held at the Sheshan International Golf Club, the tournament has seen victories from golfing legends such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy. With a prize purse that often exceeds $10 million, it’s not just one of the richest golf tournaments in Asia but also a significant event on the global golfing calendar.

Spotlight on the Future: Apart from the main event, the WGC-HSBC Champions also focuses on promoting young talent. The Junior Championship, held alongside the main event, provides an opportunity for budding golfers from across the region to showcase their skills and gain invaluable experience.

The BMW Masters: Another flagship event hosted in Shanghai is the BMW Masters. Held at the Lake Malaren Golf Club, this European Tour event attracts a strong field of international players. With its strategic placement in the calendar, the BMW Masters often plays a crucial role in the Race to Dubai rankings, making it a must-play event for top European golfers.

The Volvo China Open: Although not exclusive to Shanghai, the Volvo China Open often finds its way to the city’s golf courses. As part of both the European Tour and the Asian Tour, this event provides a platform for golfers from different tours to compete against each other, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and competition.

While international events grab the headlines, Shanghai also hosts several domestic championships that aim to promote local talent and foster a competitive spirit among Chinese golfers.

The China PGA Championship: This event, often held at the Shanghai Silport Golf Club, is one of the premier domestic championships. It attracts the best golfers from across China and provides an opportunity for them to compete at a high level and gain valuable experience.

The Shanghai Open: A storied event with a rich history, the Shanghai Open has been a fixture in the city’s golfing calendar for decades. It offers local golfers a chance to compete against each other and earn bragging rights as the best golfer in Shanghai.

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