Mayu Nishibe, Tibetan Singing Bowls Practitioner

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Mayu Nishibe

Sound guru Mayu Nishibe on healing the world one vibration at a time

From the pollution to the constant food safety scares to the endless temptations of excess calories, booze and sleep deprivation, Shanghai is a hot market for the health and wellness industry. In this series of profiles we introduce you to Shanghai’s various practitioners, proselytizers and entrepreneurs of health and wellness.

Mayu Nishibe, Tibeten Singing Bowls Practitioner.
When a congenital spinal illness threatened Tokyo native, classical pianist and Yoga instructor Mayu Nishibe’s ability to walk, she dedicated herself to Dharma-mindfulness, spiritual and devotional practices. In 2015, she completed a course in Tibetan singing bowls healing in Nepal—as she continued to practice, her chronic pains began fading away. Nishibe moved to Shanghai in 2016 to spread her passion for movement, vibration and mindfulness with others. Using seven Tibetan singing and crystal bowls to facilitate a meditative state, she maintains that the results vary from stress relief to self-healing all achieved through the power of vibration.

Shanghai Living: Where are you from?

Mayu Nishibe: I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan. Although I haven’t lived there for seven years since my activities— sharing yoga, meditation, translating, giving singing bowl sessions and continuous learning from my teachers of Tibetan Buddhism—have kept me traveling intensively for the past years.

I arrived in Shanghai in 2016, but in a very short time people came to hear about me and my practice—so I felt at home here very quickly. 

Shanghai Living: What is Sound Healing through Tibetan Singing bowls and Crystal Bowls?

Mayu Nishibe: In a metaphorical and spiritual level, there are no separation and differences between our whole self and what we call “sound” when we start to look into their essence. Each cell, organ and system has its own vibration.  Each emotion or thought, that one feels, creates a separate vibration in the human body, each colour, sound and smell has its own vibration. Many external factors affect the vibration of the human body. Everything in this world is composition and nothing exists as a single substance. The frequency from the bowls is known as “perfection”. It impacts the sympathetic nervous system allowing your brain waves to synchronize to the vibrations of the bowls. The result can be from feeling relaxed and relieved to removing pain physically or mentally even remediating long-term disorders. In any case, people walk away from the session feeling deeply content regarding their intention of attendance.

Shanghai Living: How long have you been a sound healer for?

Mayu Nishibe: Two years, however I’ve always been close to sound—I started playing piano from the age of 4, and for over half my life I was a classical pianist.

Shanghai Living: So you’re interest in Sound Healing stemmed from your passion for music?

Mayu Nishibe: Kind of—because of it I have always been fascinated by the power of sound and vibration. I have been always amazed how sound and vibration can cultivate both positivity and negativity in others and myself, moreover, how we can generate vitality through the sound. There was a period where I was trying to create music that can metaphysically radiate our cells and molecules with the right frequency. One day a friend invited me to his singing bowl session in Berlin, Germany where I was living at that time. Once I experienced it, that was it, within half a year I flew to Nepal to study under a singing bowls master, which really enhanced my understanding of the power of vibration.

However, the biggest driving factor for me was that I was struggling with chronic pains from a genetic spinal fusion. Doctors warned me that I could lose my ability to walk. I became driven and dedicated myself towards the path of spirituality, sound healing and yoga. The effects have surprised my doctors and I. I’ve been healed from learning to live mindfully and the importance of breathing—facilitated through sound healing.

Shanghai Living: Aside from your personal experience, could you share some common benefits of sound healing with our readers?

Mayu Nishibe: After sessions, people usually experience pain relief, improved memory, clarity, vitality and the ability to take action. Many report out of body experiences, tranquility, peace and the ability to achieve deep sleep which lasts for several days after the session. Once I received a message from a client. She had lost her senses of taste and smell for a long time due to sickness. But after attending to the session her senses came back for a few days and she was delighted. 

Shanghai Living: Talk us through a typical session

Mayu Nishibe: Unless I’m running a big group workshop, usually there are 4-6 people in each session. First I lead them to lie down, then we set the intention, dedicating the session to compassion and love for all beings in the world. I feel that this is actually the most important step of my work. I use several instruments and seven Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls. As I play the instruments, I guide people to connect with their breathing and each part of their body. Patterns of sound vibrations create movement and resonance in the energy fields and space surrounding the body. As the bowls play it creates an energy field that fills the room and the body absorbs them surrounding clients in a cocoon of sound. This helps to dissolve any energy blockages they may have. 

Then, taking time to return from the meditative state of consciousness, I guide people to wake up. I’ll often serve natural tea afterwards and open a forum for discussion and sharing. This form of healing allows people to be more mindful in their everyday life—so the session does not just end at that point, it will impact their perspective of life.


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