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Apartment hunting in Shanghai can be a nightmare. A constant cat-and-mouse game with your property agent as the try to bait you into paying more for a less-than ideal living arrangement. They have an arsenal of scare tactics they won’t hesitate to use, and even the most seasoned of us have buckled under this. When you finally settle on a place and move in, you find all sorts of problems with it – peeling paint, mould, roach infestations, the list is endless. And don’t get us started on grouchy landlords that won’t answer pleas of help and try their best to rip toy off on utility bills.

This is why so many expats go with serviced apartments. They’re modern and clean, virtually fuss-free and provide us with the level of comfort and service we hope for. They also cost a small fortune, with the exception of MORE Residence. These modern skeekly-designed living spaces are surprisingly affordable, ranging from ¥8,300 to ¥12,400 per month.

There are 100 apartments in the building, divided into three options- luxury Studio Apartments, Luxury Suite Apartments and Executive Studio Apartments. The suites come with floor-to-celing windows and balconies, and are equipped with all the amenities you’d expect from a hotel. Satellite TV, high-speed internet and central heating system is a given. They also offer state-of-the-art water filtration system; that means the water is completely safe to drink straight from the tap.

Apartments at MORE Residences are beautiful, design-driven spaces, perfect for young urban city dwellers, and unlike other serviced apartments which tend to offer safe, neutral, almost boring decor, MORE Residence aims for a creative, dynamic environment. Exposed brick walls and steel elements come together for a SoHo-inspired, industrial chic theme that is touched up with playful strokes of color. Paired with an open floor plan and high ceilings, it’s a home that combines stylish practicality with tasteful coziness. You also save on the middle man fee, you don’t have to pay the ridiculous 35% that agents charge. And best of all, if something needs fixing or if you have any concerns, go straight to the concierge who will be more than happy to help.

MORE’s contract terms are flexible too. Say goodbye to having to deal with an unreasonable landlord, MORE offers the option of minimum month-long stays, so it’s perfect if you’re on an extended business trip or planning to make Shanghai your semi-permanent home. What’s more, if you switch jobs, you can even switch yo a MORE residence that is closer to your new place of employment.

MORE Residence is also staking a territory for themselves in the heart of Shanghai, with their flagship complex opening on Huaihai Lu in June. These will also follow their trademark theme of chic.

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