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Asian Tigers is a leading provider of international moving and relocation solutions, providing comprehensive, end-to-end mobility services tailored to our client’s needs. We have offices in 14 countries and relocate more than 16,000 families each year. Our China offices were established in 1988 and now cover 10 cities across the country with some 300 employee’s. We specialize in household goods being moved door-to-door worldwide and throughout China. We provide a full suite of relocation services assisting individuals and multinational corporations with their employees on international assignments. Our services also include office revocations and records management. What makes us unique in China is the fact that we employ our own permanent employees, own our own trucks and have our own warehouse. This allows us greater control on the quality of our services. Many of our competitors outsource these.

When the company was established in China in 1988, there was not the large population of foreigners living in China compared to today. As the number of foreigners living and working in China has grown, so has the company grown as well.

The Relocation Industry

The number of foreigners who live and work in China has been shrinking over the last 4-5 years. This is mainly due to companies downsizing due to the high cost of employing foreigners in China, especially with high rentals and expensive international schooling costs. However we are seeing an increasing number of multinational companies who are sending their local staff overseas. The local staff will gain good experience working at their employer’s overseas operations and then eventually return back to China to take a senior management role.

We have two types of clients. People who are relocated by their employer – typically multi-national organisations and those who are paying their moving costs privately themselves. For those who have a limited moving cost budget, we offer them special ‘shared shipping container’ services to Europe and Australia. By sharing shipping container space with other people, they do save costs but the shipment takes longer to get to its final destination.

We are very active in expatriate communities and sponsor a lot of foreign chamber and international school events. We have even published a “Useful App Guide’ for Shanghai, which has all the useful phone apps and WeChat accounts which are helpful when living in Shanghai. This is very useful for our clients especially when they first arrive in Shanghai.

The Premium Moving Services Company

Asian Tigers China is now recognised as the premium moving services company in the market and is the moving company of choice for senior executives and diplomats. Of course our business has been disrupted this year due to COVID19. For some time, we not allowed to enter many apartment buildings or compounds. Currently this is not an issue, however whilst there are many people are currently packing up and relocating overseas, there are very few relocating to China with their personal effects shipments due to the border closing to foreigners.

As a lot of foreigners have been locked out of China, we are getting asked by many to pack up their belongings in their absence and put it into our secure storage facility until they can return. This is obviously preferable then paying expensive rent for an apartment which they cannot live in! So for these people we have put together a special offer which is very cost effective.


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