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SPAwash offers high quality dry cleaning and laundry service, along with specialty cleaning for items such as suede, leather, couture fashion and ballgowns, household items and rugs, shoes and more.

Your cleaning is serious business and it’s our mission to make sure that you are completely satisfied. As part of our ongoing committment to our customers, SPAwash offers the following points of difference:

Ten point quality check including replacement of buttons and minor repairs

Saves time with free delivery (SVC members) to your home or business providing a single source for all your cleaning needs (dry cleaning, alterations, shoes, leather, household linens, etc.)

Trusted partner of high-end retailers such as Hermes, D&G, Chanel, Armani, St. John, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Cavalli, Brooks Brothers and many others

Highly trained and experienced employees including continuing education on latest cleaning techniques + trends and fashions

Items cleaned to your ultimate satisfaction with an expedited issue resolution process.

We founded SPAwash in 2007 to serve the expat community here. For most of my first year in Shanghai, I did not speak much Chinese and so the hotel was really my only choice for residence. After eight months, I felt secure enough to move myself into a service apartment. The only problem was laundry. At the time, service apartments had no laundry facilities and the laundry service offered by the apartment management was horrible. It would take four days and the clothes came back looking like they were literally dried on a line and not in an actual dryer. Worse, they couldn’t add softener even when I offered to pay extra. And, oh yes, they were not ironed. I was exasperated to say the least. I put up with that for a whole year until I had a washer/dryer installed. Yet, that still didn’t solve my “laundry quandaries,” as I called them. The dryer I had was a machine that dried clothes by hot steam and it took three hours to dry a load. I started thinking then that there’s got to be a better way. I knew if I could figure out how to get laundry done right and at a good price, there would be a market for it. That is why our first service was personal laundry service.

We have since expanded to offer a wide array of high quality dry cleaning services, tailored for the busy, discerning expat.

50% off introductory offer, for first-time customers

SVC membership offers numerous benefits and provide special services for numerous communities. Contact us to learn more!

SPAwash supports the World Wide Free Laundry Movement (WWFLM). All 5 Star Hotel guests within the inner ring road can enjoy Free Personal Laundry Service (PLS). Support the Free Laundry Movement, email [email protected] or call (86 21) 6248-3123, ask for Betty or David.

We were named by Esquire as “Best Style Shop” in their Best of Shanghai list.

We were selected as the official laundry provider for the USA and Canada pavilions at the 2010 Expo.

Additionally, we have a long and ever-growing list of Shanghai communities with which we partner to provide high quality service to their residents.

Setting up the business was a real challenge. I was told that, as a foreigner, it would cost an arm and a leg for me to setup the business under my own name and so I took the “local” advice of using a surrogate, a partner. I am still not sure if that was a right decision. Saying “yes” then was quick and easy, but when we had to separate from the partner and set up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) for SPAwash later, the saying “no” part was excruciating.

I didn’t have a real working partner so I did everything myself. I have been taken to the cleaners so many times it is just unbelievable. Funny I should say that being in the cleaners business. It took a good three years before I had a firm, comfortable grip on the business.

There have also been a number of cultural differences in terms of expectations, staff and partners. The learning curve has been steep, but I feel good about being able to provide the type of service our customers want. For example, at first our local staff could not understand my insistence on 24 hour turnaround service and quoting a delivery time within a 30 minute window versus simply “AM” or “PM”. Eventually, I was able to put together a team and work through these challenges to provide what I know customer want and it is a great feeling to hear from them each day sharing how much the service and quality means to them. I don’t think this will become common practice in the industry here, which is why we operate as a unique benefit for discerning expatriates. We also know our customers’ needs and preferences vary, and we get to learn those (I was told by my local staff initially that no one wants their shirts starched when many of our clients did. We find out how the client prefers to have things done and do extensive quality checking.)

We serve expatriates who expect the best for their clothing and want convenience and high quality service.

You can check out some of our client testimonials on our website and Facebook page. We are proud of the kind emails we get every day from happy customers. We have worked with expats from many countries, busy executives, traveling business people here on short and long-term assignments and assisted with all kinds of specialty garment needs. We consider our customers our friends and we want to help make life in Shanghai easier for them.

SPAwash is a proud sponsor of the Shanghai Expat Association, The American Women’s Club of Shanghai, Am-Cham Shanghai and many other community and charitable related organizations.

We individually inspect each garment and use safe cleaning methods to protect your garments. We provide small repairs free of charge, such as replacing buttons (we keep thousands of high quality buttons in stock).

We provide 24 hour turnaround service, unless items need special care. We communicate closely with you and work to make sure everything is done conveniently and to your satisfaction.

We are working hard to minimize our environmental impact. We are moving to reusable products such as garment bags and wooden hangers, reducing use of plastic.

We have an incentive plan to help customers remember to send in extra bags and hangers for recycling. Return hangers or bags for recycling and get 10 RMB off your order.

98 Zhen Ning Lu (cross Yan’an Lu)
Suite 502
JingAn District

(86) 139 1812 2844 or
(86 21) 6248 3123

[email protected]

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