Shanghai Relocation: Districts for expat housing

Shanghai Living

Shanghai is located in the east of China, close to the East China Sea. Thanks to its fast growth, the small fisher town is became the economical capital of China. Called as well the “Oriental Paris”, Shanghai receives the honor to be the most cosmopolitan and modern city of its country.

Geographically, Shanghai is divided into two parts by the Huangpu River: Puxi and Pudong. Before investigate any research about the right housing, the first important step is to decide between Pudong and Puxi. Our guest consultant will be glad to advice you on this decision. Puxi is located on the west bank of the Huangpu River.

It has been a historically cultural and commercial center, and has most of the cultural spots of Shanghai: Jing’an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Old City Area, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai Grand Theatre, the Bund, Nanjing Road and others. To the opposite side, Pudong is a new area which witnesses lightning development of the city. From the 1990s, priority policy was given to the enlargement of Pudong New Area. Roads, bridges, subway lines and other infrastructure projects have been completed to encouraged local businesses and foreign companies to invest there. Among the establishments, you will find the Jinmao Tower, Oriental Pearl TV tower, Shanghai New International Exposition Centre and Pudong International Airport. As well as the four main development zones, such as the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone; Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Zhangjiang High-tech Park and Jinqiao Export Processing Zone which houses a number of world famous corporations like Siemens, Sharp and IBM.

LuJiaZui Area:

This downtown area is the central business district of the city. There are the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai International Convention Centre and the 420.5m -Jinmao Tower. This famus building blends offices, hotels, restaurants, conventions, sightseeing, entertainment and shopping into a wealth of feature. LuJiaZui is the halfway point between downtown Puxi and the Pudong International schools, which make a convenient choice for many families. The major housing style that we can propose you in this area is spacious apartments in high rising buildings. Despite of the conveniences, you should know about busy elevators and less western demographic, compared with the other areas of Pudong.

JinQiao, the Century Park Area, the Tomson Golf Area:

Air is cleaner , traffic is lesser with wider roads and better bicycle lanes. The largest Century public park give to this site an atmosphere close to nature, providing a large lake, extensive grassland, flowers, trees as well as an open-air stage and children’s playground. This area is an ideal place to live for expatriate families. We can provide you well-managed apartments, detached houses and villas. Most of the residences provide excellent healthy facilities (gym centre, tennis court, swimming pool, etc…)and living conveniences: from restaurants, cafes, to hospitals and international schools. There are big supermarkets such as Carrefour for all your daily shopping. And we will be able to register your children in one of the best international schools such as Dulwich College and Concordia International School. English is often spoken inside the community, which facilitates the living of person who start to practice Chinese language.

Changning district:

Hong Qiao (which includes Gubei), locates in Changning district, has been a favorite housing location for the international expatriates since over a decade. Via the Yan An elevated highway and the North or South arms of the inner ring road, it is just 15 to 25 minutes of driving to the downtown. We can present you nicely managed communities with 3 to 5 bedroom villas as well as well-furnished apartments, equipped with good club facilities and are walking distance from restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, clinics and etc. Some popular International schools, including Yew Cheung International School of Shanghai (Puxi Campus) and Shanghai Community International School has been established. Hong Qiao could be an excellent choice for families whose the parents work in Puxi and their children go to international school. Beside Hong Qiao, some other areas around Zhongshan Park can be appropriate for expatriates. Compared with Hongqiao, the average rental price is more economic and the public transportation is convenient with subway and light rail’s stations. In addition, this area is set closer to the downtown. We can propose you apartments in new high buildings, often with residential club with gym facilities and swimming pool. For most of new apartments, the landlord is ready to furnish it according to his budget and to the tastes of the tenant. Generally, living in this area is relatively less expensive and convenient.

Downtown (Luwan district, JingAn district, Xuhui district):

Most of the cultural spots of Shanghai are located in those areas. JingAn temple built in 247 A.D, the Three Kingdoms Period. The beautiful old French Concession Area which is located in the middle of the three districts. Shanghai Jiaotong University takes place there which is known as one of the four elite universities in China.You will be able to visit Shanghai Xintiandi, a recreation born out of Shikumen housing style, and now it became a business and entertainment centre; as well as Xujiahui Cathedral which is the largest Catholic cathedral in the city.Though there once lived very prestigious people years ago such as Soong Ching-ling and his former residences: Sun Yat-sen. Thanks to the vast subway network which crosses those three districts, it is easy to reach any places in a short time. The advantage of living downtown is to have the opportunity to live as Shanghai people. You will be close to the nightlife, cultural events and offices. However with a higher rental price, we can provide you large serviced apartments and well furnished. In addition we could register your children in one of the international kindergartens located downtown, such as Tiny Tots International Pre-school and Kindergarten, Kinderworld International Kindergarten.

Huangpu District:

Lots of scenic spots locate in this area: Yuyuan Garden, where you could take a view of Shanghai Old Street; City God Temple Fair, where you can sample dozens of Shanghai-style snacks and buy some Chinese handicrafts. You could visite People’s Square Area, where locate Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Art Gallery and Shanghai Museum. The pedestrian part of Nanjing Road which is called the “Best shopping street of China”. While you have a promenade along the Bund where you could find the marvelous view brought by the European art deco style buildings on the Bund and the light up Oriental Pearl Tower and other skyscrapers on the other side of the Huangpu River. Housing in this district are mostly in high-rise buildings, which offers great views of the Bund.

Hongkou District:

This well-rounded area hosts Luxun Park as well as cultural sites such as Luxun’s Former Residence, Memorial Hall. The famous Duolun Road, which witnessed an important period of China’s contemporary cultural history; and now can still be found rich cultural atmosphere with exquisite statues, ancient buildings, French-style villa, a Christian church in the architectural style of Chinese temple. Also you will be able to visit the Old Film Café, the Chopsticks Museum and all kinds of theme shops. This area also has important universities: Shanghai International Studies University; Tongji and Fudan University are located in the boundary of Yangpu and Hongkou district. Even if this area provides little floor space housing, which makes the real estate market congested. Step by step more high buildings rise. Nevertheless, this district can offer a great advantage for people who want to merge with the chinese culture.

Putuo District:

On the southern side of Suzhou Creek, there is the Jade Buddha Temple, which belongs to the Buddhism’s ramification: Chan. It was built in Qing Dynasty (1882AD) and was moved to the present site in 1918. There is an artist’s circle in the place called Bandao Huayuan, where you could have an extraordinary visit of Chinese contemporary pottery arts. There are newly built apartments compounds along the southern side which offer some great view of Suzhou Creek. Very often inside the residential area there are community parks, gym facilities, tennis courts and/or swimming pools. Big supermarkets such as Carrefour locate in this area. Bus transportation covers all the city, including train station and Hongqiao airport.

Zhabei District:

Shanghai Railway Station sets on its southern. Globe trotters should know that the train is one of the easiest way to travel around China. The district is known as the “Ever Bright City”, which attracts thousands of young Shanghainese to enjoy the brightly lit entertainment spots: nightclubs and restaurants. The most famous buildings in this district include Kerry Everbright City, Fareast Everbright City and Henderson Everbright City. Housing in Zhabei are relatively cheap and simply furnished compared with other districts. Geographically, the distance is not far from downtown and around the train station, there are subways and buses going to everywhere in the city.

Yangpu District:

This district households 20 universities, the most famous ones are Fudan and Tongji Universities. Some large parks are in this area. Yangpu Bridge and Xiangyin Road Tunnel provide to residents some efficient path to reach Pudong. It is an ideal living area for persons who study or teach in the universities or work in Pudong. Yangpu district does not offer many expatriate housing. There are some compounds offering high-class apartments with gym facilities, swimming pool and tennis court. The other choices could be local villas provide large space with few sports facilities.

Far West and South-West suburbs – (Ming Hang, Xin Zhuang, Qing Pu, Songjiang, Zhudi town):

The far West and Southwest suburbs offer some excellent deals on old and some brand new properties. The main advantages of these distant properties are the rental price, also it is quieter with cleaner air. These compounds offer some excellent facilities inside the residential area. And there are shuttle buses going to the school or the metro station. International schools such as new Euro school, Shanghai American School and British International School are located in Ming Hang and Qing Pu. The place is perfect for expatriate’s families who prefer to live in a spacious villa, located in a quiet area, with the convenience to be close to the international schools.

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