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RunForce is a professional coaching company that offers support and monthly programs to individual runners and triathletes of all levels looking to better their endurance capabilities.

Throughout the years, RunForce has helped hundreds of athletes to reach new limits and achieve personal bests. Not only do they help individuals better their competition times but also assist them with having healthier and more balanced lives.

RunForce provides science-based trainings and methodologies to ensure athletes get the best out of their workouts. Their constant support offers accountability and sports education to ensure the best success rate.

RunForce gives running form assessments to help athletes with their running efficiency and injury prevention. With a single hour session, dozens of runners have improved their performance by bettering their running form.

They have partnered with Club Med to offer seasonal training camps throughout China, make sure you follow the RunForce official WeChat account to read about their upcoming events.

Founder and professional coach Adrien Thevenet moved to Shanghai in 2018 to provide the local running communities with science-based coaching. RunForce has grown exponentially ever since, working with thousands of athletes and Fortune 500 companies.


135 Yanping Road
Jing’an, Shanghai

Tel: 186 1690 8035

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