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For parents living in Shanghai, WeChat is a powerful tool that transcends group chat. With many buy & sell groups it is very easy to find a good bargain. However, if you are not able to join the groups or have the time to monitor the latest item uploaded to sell, you may be missing out. After all, most sales done via WeChat are on a first-come-first-buy basis.

MAMASWAP is a customer-to-customer marketplace specifically for mom, kid and baby items and made for parents here in China. The use of the site is, of course, completely free of charge. Sign up to on your desktop, mobile browser or within WeChat.

It could not be easier to handle, with just a few clicks, you can either find specifically what you are looking for as a buyer simply by scrolling through the listings in the Sell & Shop area or by using the search option.

If you’d like to sell something just press the Sell Now button in the menu header. Afterwards you’ll be able to pick a title, write a short description, add your item price and upload a few photos of the item you would like to sell (or give away)!

You have the option to directly message the seller through the site at any time to get questions answered and payment and delivery options sorted out between each other. It’s recommended to share the WeChat ID for payment and either organise a delivery or self-pick-up of the item.

About me: 

My husband and I have been in Shanghai for about 5 years now. We are both from Germany but have been living in a bunch of different countries in the past years. At the moment, we are expecting our first baby!

The idea for MAMASWAP first came to life, when we began to consider starting a family. To prepare myself about what’s to come as good as possible, I was not only reading piles of books, but also started joining several WeChat mom groups around Shanghai.

In the process, I soon began to wonder, how I would be able to combine my lifestyle as a minimalist and supporter for sustainable living, with all the essential purchases a baby would require already in the first few months, not even beginning to think about all the following years, where clothes, toys and books would need to be updated constantly.

I started looking for ways and platforms that could meet my needs. It turned out, the options were limited and far from practical. Of course, there are plenty of group chats for second-hand sales, but when you are looking for something specific, it doesn’t take long for you end up overwhelmed since the chats offer no search options or any sort of structure. Other buy and sell platforms used among expats in China, are not specialized in mom and baby items and therefore not ideal either.

I was looking for a platform, which could help me find, buy and sell baby items in an efficient, hassle-free way, with a good user experience and tailored for busy parents. I could not find any and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands- I created MAMASWAP.

I put lots of effort and love into building the website which is neither for profit nor backed by any kind of corporation. I created it out of passion and with the dream of having a platform available for parents which would one day become synonymous for pre-loved maternity and baby items throughout Shanghai and, maybe eventually, all of China.

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