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Shanghai Greenwave Enviro-tech

Greenwave is a brand we established on March of 2010 which carries water filters, air purifiers and green plants as well as some other related products for healthy living and green home for residents living in Shanghai and neighbouring cities.

Greenwave is a reliable and trustworthy brand for healthy water and air solutions with customer oriented service. From drinking water purifiers to shower filters, air purifiers to de-humidifiers, you will find your ideal filtration system to experience the cleanest water and air in China!

Over the past 2 years and 10 months, we got so many positive feedback and probably the highest recommendation rate within the expat communities and our exsiting clients. We only provide the best possible products in our industry and 100% responsible for our products. And what we offer is not a product or a series of products. What we offer is a solution based on consultation meeting clients’ special needs, conforming to their home style, fixtures. If a client is not satisfied, we would rather take what he got from us with a full refund. And we will always be at clients’ side as soon as we can whenever we are contacted.

Founded in 2010 and operating in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou now, Greenwave serves clients in more than 40 cities in China and has been selected by Irish and Slovenian Embassies, British Council Shanghai, Finland Consulate Shanghai, Nike and other world famous companies under FDA for standard cleaner water or air services.

At that time, there is no big and good as expected service providers for these products in the expat community while the need is there and increasing by time. Expat market is special as most of the people is living here for a short period of time and renting houses or apartments here. And due for the life experiences in their orginal countries or where they lived before with good water and air, they are more eager and in need( some are with physical issues like hair loss or itchy skin) to have some relief through the solutions we offer. By providing only reliable choices and premium service, we gradually got a name in the community and pretty much recommended by a lot of our clients and also people who know us. We hope we could do better and help more people in the future.

We offer water and air testings for clients which could be free for members or readers for

And with the membership, 10% discount could be available on our products, not including the filter replacements.

We have a lot of clients from top 500 companies in the world and consulates using our products and choosing our service. Most of them are satisfied with what we do. One of them from US consulate gave a high comment over our concept and products. Last February, due for her nomination, I was invited by US state of department to attend the International Visitor Leadship Program, to see and learn.

With clients’ support, we successfully entered the commercial market last summer and now are cooperating with El Willy, Latina, Masala Art, Mi Tierra, Holmatro and some other famous restaurants, companies, shools with our water solutions to replace their bottled water use, which not just helps reduce a lot of plastic use, but also saves a lot of spending for the users.

We are right now the most often recommended brand for the water solutions within groups like Shanghai mamas group, shanghai expat association, shanghai dolls, german club, brits abroad and so on. And we have establisted the relationship wth a lot of business in the communities. Aiming to do something special, we will grow further in 2013 and the coming years.

The pollution here is serious though some change is happening. And people needs higher quality of life. There is an incredible need for the things we do and need for some brand really reliable and trustworthy. That’s what we do. As China is so big a market, the numbr of residents using treatment devices is still too small. There will be more and more people and families going for the solutions and products in the future.

4 years ago, the water was worse than now. And there were a lot of negative comments over Chinese companies and working staff on forums. We saw the business potential and tried to meet the needs, while the responsibility to change the image is like a stone at the bottlom of our heart. We want to do something and make the change. With several years’ efforts, we are happy something has been already changed.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile (24/7): 136 2193 5343

Contact no: 02133315007

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Beijing Time.

Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Beijing Time.

Room 1206, Fangdi Plaza, 95 West Beijing Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai


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