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Are you a foreign business owner looking for strategies to penetrate the rapidly growing Chinese marketplace? Or are you looking to invest in Chinese business and need the best advice to make the right choices? If so, you will need to fully understand the philosophy of the Chinese business mentality and will also need to conform to the complex regulatory requirements in your wake.

So, where do you even start in terms of concocting an unbeatable Chinese market entry strategy? By getting advice from a reputable company that understands every aspect of the Chinese business and regulatory sector. Acadia Advisory is a one-stop-shop for China market entry & corporate services that will maneuver you along the path of least resistance when taking your first steps into the Chinese corporate market as a foreign investor or business.

Why Do You Need China Market Entry & Corporate Services?

In 2019 alone, China received approximately $140 billion in new direct foreign investments. The figure was second only to the $241 billion in new investments in the US. It’s being forecasted that China will soon overtake America for new foreign investments, which is why so many foreign business owners and investors are looking to penetrate the Chinese marketplace. Realistically, finding a company that specializes in China market entry & corporate services is the smartest strategy to take. Going it alone will end in tears.

But why do you need advice on entering the Chinese marketplace for the first time as an investor or foreign business owner? Because it’s a potential regulatory minefield that you will need to navigate with caution. Chinese market entry has become increasingly important for Western companies from across Europe and the USA. The Chinese economy has doubled over the past few years and is a global powerhouse, both economically and in the manufacturing sector. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of the action?

The Chinese population exceeds 1.3 billion and it’s larger than the United States in terms of landmass. Its size alone excites business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. But why is it so scary and difficult to gain market entry in China as a foreign business? Largely because of the legal requirements and regulatory hoops foreign companies and investors must jump. Acadia Advisory will present you with a strategy for your business that will adhere to the rules and regulations while giving you the best chance to succeed in China.

Who is Acadia Advisory? How Can They Help Your Business in China?

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. The smartest people in the world know their limitations in terms of knowledge and get advice from industry experts. When you need the best China market entry & corporate services, Acadia Advisory comes highly-recommended by major market players. It’s imperative to have access to the best impartial advice that has the best intentions of your company in mind.

About Acadia Advisory Group

The Acadia Advisory Group is a Greater China-focusses professional services company with over 15 years’ experience working in tandem with foreign companies to gain China market entry access. Their services specialize in sectors such as market entry for foreign business and investors, accounting, tax advice, human resources, and business outsourcing to international investors.

Their main focus is to guide foreign businesses through the myriad of complex Chinese regulations that dramatically affect international companies seeking Chinese market entry. They can help in assisting your company to establish itself in China and to grow and maintain your business operations across the Chinese mainland. Acadia Advisory has connections to banks, local authorities, business consultants, and even potential clients. They are literally a one-stop-shop for all your China market entry & corporate services.

Acadia Advisory International Clients

Acadia Advisory has a vast list of international clientele who have massively benefitted from their professional Chinese market entry services. 40% of Acadia’s client base are US companies, with a further 40% from European businesses. These clients range from larger corporate entities and multinational companies to medium and small-scale businesses. They have a model to fit all business types, large or small.

What do all these clients have in common? They have utilized the track-proven services of Arcadia Advisory and entered the Chinese business sector legally and above board.

Acadia Advisory specializes in the following sectors of the Chinese business market:

Food & Beverage
Health Care
Oil & Gas
Professional Services/Consulting
Renewable Energy
Software Design

It doesn’t matter what sector your business operates in as Acadia Advisory has experience right across the board and will give you a lowdown on the regulatory requirements of each sector.

Understanding Chinese Market Entry with Acadia Advisory

Did you know there are 33 administration regions and provinces in China and many of them have varying business practices and regulations? One of the main reasons why some international business does not succeed in China is because their failure to understand the locals and their way of thinking. Too many Western companies come to China and expect it to be similar in a business sense to Europe and America. That is a fatal mistake you can dodge by utilizing the expertise of Acadia Advisory.

Western businesses have historically been attracted to China’s coastal regions such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. International businesses and investors are attracted to those regions because of the large populations and the higher income brackets.

Focusing on these areas is smart because they have greater consumer markets, especially when compared to some of the poorer areas of China. This disparity between the more affluent and poorer regions has a dramatic knock-on effect on business practices and approaches. This creates a very unique economic model that we see in China. Because the variants are so different from region to region, the China economy is like a collection of individual sub-markets that have very distinct demographics and cultural and economic differences. Utilizing the China market entry & corporate services of Acadia Advisory ensures you will fully understand the nuances of the Chinese economy and business practices.

Acadia Advisory Services Overview

Now you understand more about the transient nature of the Chinese business sector and economy, it’s time to learn more about how Acadia Advisory’s services can help your business grow and succeed.

Market Entry Strategy

This service will help foreign companies and investors to find the ideal market sector for your business. Acadia will give you advice on the best methods for incorporation, funding structures, business models, and even supply chains. You will get the best advice on which areas suit your business and how you can implement a successful strategy to penetrate local markets while adhering to local regulatory requirements.

Corporate Establishment

This service will help you to set up, handle and maintain the management of your business structures in China. They will help you to set up a company in China, set up bank accounts, and even understand social and tax benefits.

Company Secretarial Services and Accounting

Complying to the administration of Chinese business and managing your Chinese subsidiaries can be a stressful and confusing issue. If you do not fully understand compliance requirements, you can have major problems. This service ensures you have the right staff in the most important position. And understanding accounting in China is also another major hurdle you will have to face without any prior knowledge. Acadia Advisory’s company secretarial and accounting services will ensure you have all bases covered.

Human Resources (HR) & Payroll Services

Employing local Chinese staff can be quite challenging. Especially for Western companies who do not understand the local labor laws and sector. In terms of hiring and firing staff, understanding temporary worker contracts, and dealing with the payroll, this HR and Payroll service will save you loads of time and stress.

You do not want to get caught up in the potential minefield that is navigating the regulatory red tape when setting up a business in China. With the help of Acadia Advisory, you can rest assured that all regulations are followed and that you are on the right path to success. A failure to follow the correct procedures will be fatal for your business dealings in China as a Western entity. Contact Acadia Advisory today to take advantage of their world-class China market entry & corporate services today.

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