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  1. Dear Ernest,

    Thanks for your comment here and email, I have pass your request to my colleague who will contact you regarding a apartment search and a orientation of Shanghai for you.

    The infrastructure has came along way in Shanghai in the last couple of years, Pudong airport is pretty much accessible from most parts of the city where you would find expats, there is a new expressway which has more than half’ed the time it takes from the airport to Puxi downtown to under one hour, there is also the option of taking the metro and maglev train which is also very fast.

    My best guess is that Lujiazui would be great place for you to live in Pudong, very convenient around 40mins drive to the airport, with plenty of quality amenities nearby.

  2. I found your contacts in the internet. Could you help me with an apartment searching.
    I would like to relocate from the Indoor Stadium area to Shanxi Nan lu metro st. area or Luwan dist., as my office located on the intersection Zhao Jia Bang lu and Rui Jin Nan lu.

    I am looking for a compound with Outdoor swimming pool, its very important for me for summer time. Rental time would be 6 months and then extended to next 6 months.

    It could be an apartment share (one room with its own bathroom and a balcony) or a studio (one room with kitchen), since i can afford only around RMB 3000 max.

    I know some buildings with Ourdoor swim pool such as Grand Plaza on Julu rd., Champs Elysee Palace on Fu Xing Zhong rd., Hui Jing plaza on Zhaojiabang rd. Could you advise is it possible to find something suitable in those compounds?

    I would like to start renting at the beginning of Jan.

    Best regards


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