Sports Medicine in Shanghai

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In Shanghai, kids and teens have many opportunities to try different sports, whether in school or in the community. Playing sports is a great way for kids to learn healthy practices at an early age. Though playing a variety of sports helps prevent overuse injuries, it also means there are more chances for injury. We talk to Brian Walters, MD, Director of Sports Medicine at American Medical Center, about sports injuries and treatments:

What are the most common sports injuries you treat?

Injuries to the joints – specifically, the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle – are common. While the majority of the surgeries I perform can be done in a minimally invasive fashion, there are still many other surgeries that may require an open approach as well.

What misconceptions do people have about surgery?

Patients typically feel once they have a diagnosis, the next and only step is surgery – but there are always alternatives to surgery. Another misconception is that surgery fixes everything. Patients need to understand the consequences of surgery and how surgery can affect them in the short and long term.

What questions should patients ask prior to surgery?

Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure, a patient should feel they are completely in control and have made the best decision. The most important questions to ask your surgeon are: What are the complications, what are the outcomes and how are they measured?

What are some ways to prevent injury in the first place?

The best place to start with injury prevention is to use proper gear and to obey healthy training pat- terns. This means eating healthy with protein replenishment, carbohydrate loading, etc., as well as resting properly between training sessions.

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