Shanghai’s Top 3 English Breakfasts

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The English Breakfast is one of the many ways to cure a hangover. If you’re feeling weary this weekend, head out for brunch at one of the places to get a dose of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast all on one glorious plate. Here are three of our top picks for an English Breakfast plate.

The Bull & Claw Now Closed!

You will need to spend a bit more money to experience the much fancier English breakfast at The Bull & Claw’s weekend brunch. Brunch sets are RMB85 for one course, RMB145 for two and RMB165 for three. Touches that make this meal worth the extra cash is the gourmet sausage, balsamic roasted tomatoes on the vine and caramelized shiitake mushrooms. The potato hash has a perfectly browned exterior and soft on the inside, alongside a grilled brioche toast. It all comes beautifully served in a cast iron pan.

Find it: The Bull & Claw, 466 Xikang Lu, 西康路466号

Pie Society

Pie Society has gained quite a following for their pies, but they have the meal to save your life after a hard night. The English breakfast is served all day, everyday! For RMB68 you get two eggs, one sausage, two slices of bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast. The bangers are courtesy of Bad Boy Bangers and have an herby, fatty, meaty full flavor. The beans are the requisite canned Heinz and the fried eggs have a perfectly soft yolk that creates a sauce to tie the meal together.

Find it: Pie Society, No. 102, Bldg 5, 67 Xingu Lu 番禺路381号 OR 381 Panyu Lu 幸福路67号

The Sailors

The Sailors has English breakfast (RMB75) all day, every day. The serving is also massive. We shared with a friend along with a side of fried calamari and it was more than enough for dinner. The salty, porky, bacon and the fried hash browns are the winners on this plate. Sailors does deep fried food well. The eggs are perfect circles with a half gooey half hard yolk, that is a pleasant texture even though we like messier yolk. You get two freshly ground pork loin sausages; some of the best sausages in town from Amelia’s.

Find it: The Sailors, 163 Yanping Lu, 延平路163号

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