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The Shanghai Redleaf Women’s Hospital opened on July 20th this year. The picturesque grounds of the hospital have one hundred years of history. The hospital itself offers the best of modern medicine, combined with a well-rounded approach to women’s health. I spoke to Christian D. Orejudo, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the hospital about what Redleaf has to offer the Shanghai community.

‘The approach here is more holistic and the approach to childbirth is through women,’ said Christian. ‘We’re a women’s hospital, not just a maternity hospital.’

This approach is behind the extensive range of care options available at Redleaf. ‘We approach childbirth through women’s health,’ said Christian. There are a number of pre-natal classes at Redleaf. The classes are customized to prepare couples for childbirth. Physical preparation is provided through activities such as yoga for expecting mothers, while emotional and psychological support is given by providing information, as well as the opportunity to meet other expecting parents. Pre-natal classes are held in Chinese, English, German and French.

The obstetrics department at Redleaf aims to support birth in as natural a way as possible. ‘We don’t look at birthing as a sickness. We look at birthing as a normal part of human life,’ said Christian, before adding that top quality medical interventions is of course available when necessary.

There is also a center for post-partum recovery. Traditionally, Chinese women take a month after childbirth to fully recover and rest. There are many centres in Shanghai that provide an environment for mothers to spend this month-long yuezi period. The Redleaf post-partum recovery center, though, is the only place that is fully licensed to offer medical care if necessary.

If you’re not pregnant, don’t worry. Redleaf offers care well beyond child birthing. There is a Gynecology Department that provides health screenings among other services. There is also a Pediatrics Department, Newborn Care Department and Early Child Development Center. A spa and beauty center is also in development.

Unique to Redleaf is the medical butler service. The medical butler is there to act as an intermediary and assist with any communication related matters. The medical butler can also help arrange bureaucratic necessities such as official forms and proof of birth certificates.

The combination of medical butlers, underground parking spaces, leisurely spaced out grounds, swimming pools, room service and a spa, combine to make the Redleaf Women’s Hospital seem almost like a hotel.

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