Shanghai Real Estate Agents Rental Commisions

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For rentals priced below 10,000 RMB each month, the renter and the landlord will each pay a 35% of one months rental as a commision payment to the agent.

For properties priced above 10,000 RMB the landlord shall pay the agency fee equal to one months rental fee for contracts signed for 12 months.

What sometimes happens is that the landlord will wait until the day of signing the contract to refuse to pay the agency commission which puts the agent in a very bad position. The agent can either continue with the contract signing so that the client gets that apartment then leaving the agent can fight it out with the landlord to get their commission.


In some cases like this, the client might choose to pay the commission to the agency, the problem is that with a landlord who is not willing to pay an agency fee is that its unlikely they will be willing to return your deposit at the end of the contract.

My advice would be to seriously consider walking away from a landlord who is not going to pay the agency commission. If the agent doesn’t get paid, then they are not going to be motivated to act on your behalf if anything goes wrong later.

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