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Shanghai Living has selected the best real estate agencies and developed partnership with them in order to meet your needs as far as renting or buying are concerned. Thanks to such a vast network you may be certain to find the accommodation you are dreaming about.

Defending and serving the interests of customers and professionals, here is the priority of Shanghai Living. Since its creation in Shanghai, Shanghai Living optimises the offer of its services and products so as to meet everyone’s expectations.

Ethics, competence and professionalism are the key-values of Shanghai Living.

As professionals in Chinese real estate, Shanghai Living is particularly concerned about serving the interests of its customers and of its Chinese collaborators. This approach has driven our group to favour special relations with the essential protagonists of real estate. Its position enables it to take an active part in the drawing up of additional clauses in legislative texts so as to overcome the inconvenience linked to Chinese contract policy.

Today Shanghai Living has 34 collaborators across China. With a wealth of experience and professionalism, the team has managed to connect western and chinese cultures. This opening up onto the world provides the company’s services with a real dimension that combines rigour and flexibility and whose sole goal is to satisfy its customers. Each of our agents is specialized in one type of request. This organization enables Shanghai Living to put at your disposal its competence in the entire follow-up of your request, from its very beginning to its conclusion.

Our partners are our strength and we are their strength on the international scene. As a matter of fact we work in close co-operation to define our customers’ needs and to select the most adapted accommodation. For the selection of flats, houses, villas and offices, we have set up a list of strict criteria in order to provide you with quality offers.


  1. Your service was outstanding. Our personal accommodation agent was patient and responsible all along our stay. The apartment was lovely and contained anything we could wish for. It was in a very good state, we received it neat and clean. The owner was so kind and thoughtful. We absolutely adored the whole thing. These were a perfect 1 year. We sure hope to deal with you again in the future. Your service is wonderful. Good luck and thanks a lot.

    Yokyo xx


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