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The French Concession was one of the first parts of Shanghai to take on the cosmopolitan flavor that the city is famous for today. A stroll through this area allows you to experience old-world colonial charm, ultra-modern skyscrapers and local Chinese culture, blended into a fascinating ambience that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than the area surrounding the luxury property named Patina Court, which offers a combination of business and residential spaces for the city’s elite to work hard and play hard.

Patina Court stands right next to Xujiahui Road, a busy street buzzing with the frantic energy of small businesses and multinational offices. Nearby Jianguo Road offers a more intimate slice of local Shanghai life. The trendy café’s, boutiques and art studios of Tianzifang stands in between these two streets. This is a popular creative district perfect for those who appreciate art, fine wine and sumptuous meals. Further away is Ruijin Road, a busy thoroughfare which manages to retain its colonial charm by the plane trees and quaint boutiques lining the side.

Sinan Mansions is a quick 5-10 minute taxi ride away (depending on traffic). This is a massive luxury-focused redevelopment of 49 colonial-era mansions built in the 20’s and 30’s, which now houses some of the city’s best lounges, restaurants and stores. This area epitomizes luxury living, and Patina Court allows Shanghai’s privileged to fully enjoy this district from a comfortable homebase.

Patina Court is especially convenient for successful businesspeople looking to transfer their skills to Shanghai. This development consists of a 25-story office tower alongside a 28-story serviced apartment building. This is ideal for professionals, who can set up a comprehensive office space in the same development as their home. Unwinding on your own couch after a stressful meeting can be a simple pleasure, and a quiet lunch in your own kitchen can recharge your batteries for the second half of the workday.

This apartment complex offers everything from 2- to 4-bedroom apartments, all decorated in a European Baroque style that is posh without being overbearing. Tenants have access to a high-class clubhouse, which includes everything from an indoor pool and gym to a beauty salon. Likewise, a highly-trained staff provides 24-security and housekeeping on a regular basis. The service and luxury provided by Patina Homes can truly enhance the type of high-end lifestyle that is perfectly suited to the surrounding area.

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