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Revisiting French Restaurant Bistro 321 Le Bec

Expensive but totally worth it - new flavors at Bistro 321 Nicolas Le Bec, the famous Michelin-starred chef from Lyon started Villa Le Bec with a two-part concept...

Chopstick Etiquette in China

The do's and don'ts and how not to offend anyone If you've moved to China from a country where forks and knives were the staple at your dining...

Specialty Stores You Need To Survive Shanghai

Cheese, beer, hot sauce. That's about it. Looking for a taste of home? How about a wheel of cheese to go with some craft beer? Here are four...

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Studio Apartments for rent in Shanghai

You will find that the majority of apartments suitable for expatriates in Shanghai are two or three bedrooms, some buildings do have a few...

Welcome to Shanghai Housing

The purpose of this website is to provide news and information related to housing in Shanghai, wether it be advice and guidance on renting...

Grand Hyatt, Shanghai – One of the most significant landmarks in Shanghai

Famous in Shanghai, as it soars above the city’s skyline, the 420m (1 ,375-ft) Jin Mao Tower lies east of the Huangpu River in...

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