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Transportation in Shanghai

Buses and Coaches
Shanghai has numbers bus connections operating all around the city during the day and a few at night time. Most buses run from early morning (around 5am) to 11pm. For long-distance travel there is a bus station located on Heinan Bei Lu about 1.5km north of Suzhou Creek.

The bus station is within walking distance of the "Baoshan Jie" Metro stop. The Shanghai Tour Bus Lines depart from Shanghai Stadium to destinations mostly in the suburban districts.

Airports in Shanghai
Shanghai has two major international airports, HongQiao and Pudong. Pudong in the new international airport located 45km to the east of the city beside the East China Sea, while HongQiao, located 15km west of the city, is much smaller and older. HongQiao is mostly used for domestic flights.

Pudong is also the base and HQ of China Eastern Airline. Over 40 world-wide airlines use the airport, with an annual average passenger capacity of over 80 million.

Taxis in Shanghai
The minimum faire if 11 RMB (USD$1.40), which covers the first three kilometres, and then 2 RMB is charged for every additional kilometre. After ten kilometres, the fare jumps 50% to 3 RMB for every additional kilometre.

Trains in Shanghai
Shanghai has two train stations; Shanghai station is north of the Suzhou Creek. The station has several routes connecting with other Chinese cities. The other is Shanghai west station, which is situated remotely to the northwest of the city.

Metros in Shanghai
Shanghai has one of China's largest metro systems with 5 metro lines running across the city. Line 1 operates from Xinzhuang to Gongfu Xincun, Line 2 from Zhongshan Park to Zhangjiang High-Tech District, Line 3 from Jiangwan Town to Shanghai South Railway Station, Line 5 from Xinzhuang to Minhang Development District. Line 4 from Damuqiao Road station to Lancun road station.

Ticket prices range between 3RMB to 5RMB depending on the length of your journey. The metro starts operation at 5:30am or 6:30, depending on which line, with last trans from each terminus leaving between 10:20p.m and 11:00pm.