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The Difference Between English Name And Chinese Name

We have our names by our parents or grandparents.We have no choice but accept it.But for the internet,multinational corporations ,study abroad etc,we perfer to having an English name.And we can decide it by ourselves.

When we choose an English name,we often care its pronunciation and meaning.Maybe it comes from a book,or a movie,or even a song.And one word has several meanings,such as the describing of one's appearance,characteristic.

Nowadays more and more foreigners wanna have a Chinese name.As we all known,China is a country of more than 5000 years' history.Chinese is the fortune that the ancients remained us.As to the Chinese characters,every word has its own meaning and the words are separate.U may turn to the dictionary to find the right ones.But there are still too many words to choose.It's really a troublesome work to choose a suitable Chinese name.

It also remains a problem, is difficult for the foreign people to write the words.The structure of Chinese character is complex.But to the calligraph of the English names,it seems much easier.Maybe it's the biggest difference between the English names and the Chinese names.