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Souldancing Dancing Studio & Performance Company

We have strived to create a state-of-the-art Dance School, right here in Shanghai, where you can learn different styles and have fun doing it!

You expect professional, quality training - and our classes are designed to make you progress in the shortest time possible, no matter the style.

You also dance simply for fun, fitness, to relieve stress or make friends -and you will love the informal, family atmosphere so many of our students praise.

You want choice and simplicity - and our "all-you-can-dance" membership cards will empower you to try as many dance styles as you want, as much as you want.

To sum it up, in our Shanghai Dance Studio, we bring you :

A great team of certified international teachers - always following the latest moves and dancing trends
Excellent amenities and enjoyable environnement
Central location for your convenience
A wide range of different dance classes and styles
A highly interactive teaching approach - so you can easily gain understanding, skills and confidence in the shortest possible time, no matter your experience level
Constant feedback from our instructors - so you work on precisely what techniques you need to improve
Frequent practice classes, parties and events where you can meet new dancing partners and socialize while working your steps - Remember practice makes perfect !
Exclusive workshops with visiting international dance stars - where you will learn from the best of the best
Opportunities to perform and show off your new skills at Studio events
Whether you are looking to be noticed on the dance floor, boost your self-confidence, lose some weight, or make new friends, we have a style and a class for you.
So come and learn with us to bring more passion, excitement and friendships into your life !

We invite you to explore our website further! Your next step should be to check our choice of dance classes. Pick one style you are most inspired by, check the schedule, and just come and join us!

You can drop in and try a class at any time (for a small fee, or for free if you are invited by a Souldancing member).

If you would like to ask any questions, please feel free to contact us at 62564400 or

See you in the studio!

Souldancing is a Dancing Studio & Performance Company.

We were founded in 2006, by dancers, and for dancers. Our passion for dance and the performing arts is real, and we hope it shows in everything we do.

On the Performance side, our artistic team designs beautiful choreographies and tour shows for clients such as Mercedes, Bulgari or Grey Goose. (See our China Performances page for more).

On the Dancing Studio side, our international teachers provide 9 hours of daily dance classes in our Maoming Lu, Shanghai Studio.

Founded in 2006, Souldancing is a Dancing Studio & Performance Company.

From the start, our team included both experienced dancers and corporate professionals, Chinese and foreigners.
Our approach reflects our roots: a passion for dance and creation mixed with market understanding and an easy grasp of clients' needs and expectations.

We are here to put the Art of Performing at your service, helping you achieve your objectives: generate buzz, spread excitement, create an impact.

We listen to your requirements and design each concept to fit your strategy and target audience.
We deliver performances that carry your events further, create long-lasting memories and uphold your brand's values.

Souldancing Performance Key Facts:

•Team of high-level international & Chinese performers
•Weekly performances in high-end venues, brand launch events, fashion shows, corporate bashes, and VIP parties
•China-wide, multiple cities promotion tours for top automotive, spirit, fashion and FMCG brands
•Asia-wide performances with events in Macau, Hong Kong, etc

Souldancing has performed for:

Grey Goose, Davidoff, Mercedes-Benz, Moet Chandon, Dior, Porsche, Bvlgari, Nike, L'oreal, Belvedere, Vogue, Malibu, Captain Morgan, Absulot, Ikea, Good Year, Estee Lauder Kerastase, JW Marriott, Lufthansa, Bobbi Brown, Kohler ...

Depending on your request, we can simply follow your instructions and create the exact show you have in mind, or take over the entire creative concept and execution.

Either way, you will be updated all along, as we create the choreography and costumes and rehearse the performance. Pictures and videos can be sent to you for feedback, or you can of course come to the Dancing Studio to have a look at the rehearsals.

Our studio offers variety of classes on different levels and for different purposes. You will find it convinient to choose from the beginner classes to more advanced levels. This way, you will first learn the basic steps to later master the coolest moves.

For the last 3 years, Souldancing's Performance Team has created beautiful choreographies for international brands such as Mercedes, Porsche, Bulgari and Grey Goose.

Our Shanghai Dance Studio offers 9 hours of dance classes each and every day, in a variety of styles for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You have a chance to choose from the most traditional styles such as jazz or ballet through the latest trends of hip-hop or pole dancing.

We also organize dance parties regularly, providing you with the opportunity to socialize, practice your skills, and show your passion for dancing!

Trail Class - 1st time in Souldancing Studio
► RMB 100 for a one hour class (Before the Class)
► Option of any dance style
► The RMB 100 can be used as part of your membership card purchase after the class (If the purchase is made on the same day)

► The class of level 2.3 would not open for trail
► The trail class would be close if you are 10mins late or longer Drop In Class

► 120 RMB for a one hour class
► Option of any dance style

► Type A: RMB 1,600 for 16 classes (Available for 6 Months), all regular classes on schedule
► Type B: RMB 3,600 for 40 classes (Available for 6 Months), all regular classes on schedule
► V.I.P. Card A: RMB 4,800 for 6 months with no limits on access to all regular classes on schedule
► V.I.P. Card B: RMB 7,800 for 1 year with no limits on access to all regular classes on schedule

Private Class
► RMB 500 1 hour class (Before the Class)
► RMB 4,000 for 10 classes
► RMB 7,000 for 20 classes
► Private Group Class RMB 1, 000 for 1 hour class
► Special Guest Teacher, kindly contact our guest relation
► Company Performance Training Tuition, kindly contact our guest relation

Kid’s Classes
► First Class Drop In: RMB 150 for a one hour class (Before the Class)
► RMB 2,880 for 24 classes (Available for 6 Months)
► RMB 4,800 for 48 classes (Available for 1 Year)

Member Benefit
► Bring your friend to studio, the first trail class is free of charge

Souldancing Studio & Performance Company
Dance Classes / Events & Performances / Talent Management
Room 205, No.1,South Mao Ming Rd (Near Yan An Zhong Rd), Shanghai, China
Tel: 021 - 6256 4400