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Shanghai Fabric Market visitors guide

Shanghai fabric market is a very fascinating market for those who wants best at the competitive price and would like to save some extras for more and more shopping. You can get tailored clothes, or just design your own clothes or just pick the best one for you from the huge list of catalogues and magazines.

Anything that fancy you, ranging from shirts and tops to pants, skirts, coats, dresses or any other garment u may like and that can be done by a dressmaker!

You can even shop your most prestigious outfit from their and still could be able to save money.

The market is a three storied building of cotton fabrics and tailors. Stalls sell everything from linen, silk, cotton, blends, cashmere for coats and suiting, men’s suiting materials, etc. Almost all vendors speak some Basic English. On very reasonable rates you can have the best fabric for yourself or even can imitate any designer outfit with just a little spending over it. The market opens at 10 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening. Your best bet is a taxi as there is not yet a convenient metro stop.

General Prices

1) Tailored Shirt: 60 – 80 RMB.

Depending upon the quality of fabric and design of collars and other accessories the range of shirts could vary from 60-80 RMB. The tailored made shirts are the best option as it fits you well and are reasonable enough.

2) Men’s Suit (includes pants and jacket): Roughly 300 RMB.

You can buy an average quality men’s suit in just 300 RMB. It’s not a big deal if you are not going to wear it regularly. They look attractive on different occasions, and save many dollars in our pocket as well.

3) Woman’s Coat (cashmere lined, waist length): Roughly 400 RMB.

There has some beautiful collection of women’s coat. You have a variety to choose from. But again go for the quality rather than the price. An almost good quality coat can have a price tag of 400 RMB.

4) Woman’s Dress (high quality, found from clothing magazine): Roughly 250 – 300 RMB.

Women will be highly delighted by the variety and options in the fabric market. They can get their desired dresses either readymade or tailored by some expert tailors and can even get a copy of the dress of their favorite actress or celebrity. There is a great variety of woman’s dresses. Once you enter in that section it’s impossible to get out of it without having at least 10 dresses. They are so fascinating and attractive with vibrant colors and designs.

5) Men’s Coat (hood, thick fabric, mid length below belt): Roughly 400 RMB.

Different designs are available in the men’s coat section also. And ii you didn’t get your pick then just order it and experience a difference.