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Shanghai dog license and owning other pets in Shanghai

Owning a pet in Shanghai can be very tricky and local pet shops rarely provide the type of safe service that Westerners expect for their beloved beasts. With this in mind, it is best to use SCAA and their network of services to ensure optimal pet care. SCAA, or Second Chance Animal Aid, is run by a team of local and expat volunteers. There are many reasons why people may not want to buy a pet at a pet shop or off the street in Shanghai (go to scaashanghai to read some sad examples).

SCAA offers an alternative, by facilitating the adoption of a pet which has been thoroughly checked and vaccinated, so the new family will not have to deal with these troubles. Bringing in pets from your home country is possible, but the laws vary by country of origin and animal (check scaashanghai for the latest regulations and recommended pet transport services). James Holder, a vet at the PAW clinic, will also answer questions on the latest pet import/export issues, vet care, and health tips

To own a dog in Shanghai you are required to have a license, and the police will spot check for this. Avoiding the dog license restriction will only place your pet at risk, so it is definitely inadvisable. Check with your local police department as soon as possible to prevent any issues arising. SCAA works with the PAW (Pets Are Wonderful) veterinary clinic in Changning District and a few other Western standard vet services. For the most updated list of their vet partners, check their website at