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Foreigners Inheriting Multiple Properties in China

Hello fellow expats!

My grandparents (Chinese citizens living in China) convinced my parents (American citizens living in America) to invest in real estate here in China. They have bought multiple houses using the money that my parents earned in the United States.

Unfortunately, both my grandparents are getting on in the years, and they regularly visit the hospital. I've been wondering what will happen to the houses once they pass away.

My parents are the only living children that my grandparents have. However, both my parents are American citizens. I have heard that foreigners can only buy one house in China. Since my parents would inherit multiple houses, this presents somewhat of a paradox.

What happens when foreigners inherit multiple properties in China? Can they? Will they be forced to sell some of the properties? Will the properties pass to another relative? Will the government confiscate the properties?

One thing I know that it's very difficult to send money from China to the United States. However, since I live and work in China, and since my parents are planning to retire in China, this is not an issue.

If anybody knows more about this process, I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. I hope that this post doesn't come off as too greedy or ungrateful; I dearly love my grandparents and visit them regularly.

From my understanding..... And this is my understanding from my step mom and stuff.

Everything goes to your parents. Depending what province it can be more or less messy. The more relatives the messier. If there are no other direct relatives then you are right behind your parents.

As far as being a USA citizen but native Chinese... Ask your parents. Most people kept their original ID and used that. But once again depending where the homes are and how many relatives and how much money is involved it can be messy.

Good luck

I think it's easier to talk to your grandparents now that they're alive and are in their full mental capacity. I think it's better to arrange for properties to be transferred now rather wait for them to pass away(Not sure of the tax implications). Basically, you want at least to have full control of the properties(company, trust, dunno) while you go through the motions after your grandparents pass away.

The reason is that there might be complications when your grandparents pass away. In the case of a friend, he's been trying to get the properties his wife had(Both born Chinese but now foreign nationals). The city government is asking for some papers that must be gotten from the wife country(he's never been in there, can't speak the language) and his own country. Also, there're the sons from the previous marriage(She was a widow). Due to the bureaucratic nature of the three countries involved, he's been taking 3 years to get the necessary documents from the wife's country. He hasn't even started the process in China yet.

Also, even if your grandparents will is 100% legal, it could be that there's a lot of delays in the process(Not sure how probate works in China), and considering it's China, there could be some dickhead relative who will try to claim something off your grandparents after they pass away.