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A breezy terrace in the new Yong Ping Li complex

From the same people behind Bistro Burger comes Crafted, an American restaurant, serving everything from ribs to burgers and nachos to steaks. Before you roll your eyes and write them off, it’s a perfectly good option for American eats.

First off, they do hard shell tacos. It’s a fond item for Tex-Mex fans, but usually receives frowns of disapproval from those who stand by authentic Mexican cuisine. We don’t discriminate—we love both, and are glad there’s one more option in town. Go for the Shrimp Taco (RMB30) with chipotle aioli and guacamole and the Cod Fish Taco (RMB35)..

The Mussels (RMB108) is an example of a good starter, as the creamy cheese and beer sauce is just delicate enough to compliment the fresh mollusks.

With a page dedicated to four flavors of ribs, it’s clear that Crafted wants it to be the main attraction. The BBQ Pork Ribs (RMB88/single, RMB158/double portion) aren’t bone tender, retaining a bit of a bite that forces you to gnaw on the rib. The portion is acceptable, as is the flavor, but nothing particularly mind blowing and could use more sauce on the side.

The star dish is the Suckling Pig (RMB228). You might even miss it, as it’s buried somewhere on the end pages of the menu. The crackly finger of pork isn’t much to look at, but the second your knife splinters the hard shell of roasted skin, you know you’ve struck gold. You’ll be diving into the layers of molten fat and tender meat so fast you won’t even notice the pork reduction and pineapple salad.

A noticeable draw of Crafted is that it is set in Yong Ping Li, a new and still-quiet F&B compound, and sports a desirable rooftop seating area. While the food may not change your outlook on American cuisine, the Mac and Cheese and Suckling Pig are definitely worth stopping in for.

Address: No. 101, 199 Hengshan Lu (near Yongjia Lu) 衡山路199号101室(近永嘉路)

Tel: 5427-0757

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