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Shanghai United Family Fertility Treatment

At what age should you worry about your fertility? As many women enter the workforce and choose to delay starting a family until “the time is right”, women in their 30s and beyond are unaware that they are born with only a certain number of eggs....

How to Teach Yourself Chinese

Teach yourself Chinese
Learning Chinese isn't as hard as it looks. Get started with this handy guide. With all the resources available on and offline, it’s easy to teach yourself one of the world’s most feared languages.A teacher is undoubtedly useful, especially for honing pronunciation. But much of...

4 Reasons Not to Learn Mandarin

Everyone talks about learning Mandarin, but who can really be bothered? A far more essential skill is defending yourself when people ask, how’s your Chinese? To help you gain fluency in excuses, here are some reasons to put those textbooks down.1. It's selfish Yes, there...

Shanghai’s Most Famous Gangster – Du Yuesheng

Shanghai Gangster
8 Things You Didn't Know About Shanghai's Most Famous GangsterDu Yuesheng (1887-1951) made quite a mark on the city of Shanghai. Here are some things you might not know about the notorious king of the underworld.1. He was a damn nice guy. When Du wasn’t...

How to Attend a Wedding in China

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in China, congratulations. You probably won’t be attending the legal part of the ceremony, which is usually carried out at a government office. You’ll be going to the party, which is the good part....