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Bubba’s is Shanghai’s only true Texas-style barbeque joint and saloon, serving authentic smoked meats and traditional barbeque sides from 3 locations: Bubba’s Hong Qiao, Bubba’s Expo Village, and Bubba’s Riverside @ Cool Docks 2.

We offer great food, music, and atmosphere for those seeking a true “Southern/Southwest” experience in Shanghai, and cater barbeque events and parties around the city.

Home of NCAA Football in China
Host of Shanghai’s Annual Chili Cook-off
Host of Shanghai’s Annual Barbeque Cook-off
Bubba’s was founded in 2006 by Austinite (Texas) Ken Walker, who uses his own proprietary rubs and sauces to smoke meat like he did back in Austin from his high school days. A gap in the restaurant market was filled when he opened Bubba’s as nobody could, and still can’t, do true Texas/Southern style barbeque in the city.

Bubba’s has nightly specials and lunch deals, and hosts several very popular annual events, such as the Annual Shanghai Chili Cook-off, the Annual Shanghai Barbecue Cook-off, and a significant Annual Fourth of July party. Check the website for details.

Each year Bubba’s is nominated by Shanghai’s cuisine media as one of the top five American restaurants in the city. It recently was awarded Shanghai’s Top Five Burger Spots in Shanghai by CityWeekend (it actually placed Second).

The restaurant industry in Shanghai is highly competitive and consumers have a lot of choices. We remain popular by providing good values for high quality products and good service.

We commit to serving the highest quality smoked meats, great value for money, and good all around service to our customers, We can barbeque anything! Including suckling pigs, whole ribeye roasts, turkeys, and our own house brined hams.

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