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  1. Bought these years back in New York, brought them over to Shanghai. 4.5" woofer. Very good condition. Contact me if you are interested (phone or leave your email).
  2. Hey! I've been living in SH for years. Moving around by scooter is the best way! And this scooter is the best one you can find! It is super reliable, 40 to 50km autonomy and can be charged in around 5h. It is perfect for 1 to 2 people and it is the new model, so it has the pedals for the 2nd person. Now, you'd be wondering:"Why does he wanna sell it if it's so good??". Simple reason: I want a different color, I like to change. Price is very reasonable. Consider that I bought it few months ago for CNY 3,200. I can show you the fapiao (Chinese invoice) that proves it. You'll be basically getting it with a 22% discount! Together with the scooter you will also get a raincoat and a locker. Please, contact me if you are interested in buying it. Cheers, Tom