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Chris J

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  1. I agree, great burgers and shakes. I think they have moved now to the Kerry Center i was told??
  2. I always thought that the fake market at science and technology park is better anyway, feel sorry for al of the people just trying to make a living there who now can't though!
  3. I've been using these guys for about 18 months now and had no issues at all. Very professional and they have done everything I have asked of them. They help me to get some bits and pieces in place and its going pretty well. I guess you'll make your own mind up but I would take everything you read online with a pinch of salt like I always do. I asked to be introduced to some of their clients from Scotland which they were happy to do and they had no issues either. My only complaint would be that they insisted on more meetings with them than I would have wanted. Their reasoning was so that I fully understood everything etc before I committed but I'm a 'get it done' kind of guy and 2 meetings would have been better for me instead of the 3 we had. Hope this helps Chris