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  1. I'm afraid if you don't select direct deposit ahead of time they won't try again. Best bet is to open a prepaid card of USA account that allows remote deposit or have a friend in USA deposit to the account in your name. (Account will need to be in your name)
  2. If the bank account is in the US you don't need to report it. You only need to report your account(s) in China (or any others abroad) and only if you had more than $10,000 in all of them together in 2017, on the FBAR form. The $10,000 rule works like this. Take the highest balance in every foreign account you hold. Now add them up. If that about is greater than $10,000 you have to file. You can have total funds of far below $10,000 and still have to file if you moved money between accounts.
  3. Does anybody know why there are no more original Marboro Lights in Shanghai available except duty free shops at the airport? Does anyone know a source where to buy? I hate the ones from Vietnam, Indonesia or similar, could right away smoke Double Happiness.