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Hyatt Regency Wuxi

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  1. The fried spring tea activity will be held from 1 to 4 April. In addition to the fried-tea performance, guests can also enjoy a tea art performance.

    No need to visit the tea garden, just come to Yue Fu 65 Chinese restaurant or the hotel’s Lobby Lounge to taste the fresh experience of Chinese tea culture.

    We will introduce three kinds of green tea: Taihucuizhu tea, Bilochun tea, and Longjing tea from Hangzhou. Three packages of dry tea can also be taken home, priced at CNY 358 (110 g) for Taihucuizhu tea, CNY 418 (100 g) for Bilochun tea and CNY 458 (100 g) for Xihulongjing tea.


    Venue: Lobby Lounge (43rd floor) or Yue Fu 65 (65th floor)

    Tel: +86 510 8989 1234